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When you are in need of legal services and counseling, there is no substitute for
proven experience and wisdom.  A. L. "Buddy" Collins, is the preferred attorney in
Kernersville, North Carolina and surrounding areas, to meet your needs.

Buddy is ready to help you in any matter of personal injury, family law, real estate
law, estate planning, and more.  Whether you have been injured in an accident,
are going through a divorce, are buying or selling a piece of real estate, or
simply need to update your will, you can trust Buddy Collins and his staff to
represent you with professionalism, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Don’t let the law intimidate you.  Allow us to assist you in your unique situation by
providing expert guidance for an expedient, accurate, and effective resolution.

The A. L. Collins law firm can help you transact business, protect your interests,
and resolve disputes in the areas of estate planning, family law, personal injury,
traffic court, criminal defense, and real estate.  When you have matters that must
be handled properly, efficiently, and professionally in any of these specialties,
we appreciate the opportunity to represent you.

Whether you are currently seeking legal services or simply planning for the
future, please take a moment to explore the section of our site that relates to
your interest.  You will find helpful articles and advice to help you better
understand the law and avoid common pitfalls or mistakes.  Our goal, in part, is
to earn your trust and help you understand and manage the legal aspects of
your situation as we act as counsel for you.

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